Baby Diaper Sizes

You head down to the baby diaper section and you’re overwhelmed. You never realized just how many choices there are until now – and you don’t know which one will be best for your new baby.

Having a new baby is already overwhelming in itself but to have to go through the process of decision-making for every little thing that concerns the baby can be even more overwhelming.

Take baby diapers for instance, your choice does not only depend on looking at all the available baby diaper sizes and getting the right one that will fit the baby’s bum to a T.

You also have to look at the brands, the materials used to make the diapers, the level of absorption, leak protection and a whole slew of other considerations.

These factors for consideration are important because they can determine the level of comfort for your baby when using the diaper you’ve picked out.

It should come as no surprise then if you find yourself spending a good half-hour just reading and re-reading labels.

Baby Diaper Sizes

To get you started, look at the different sizes that baby diapers come in. You can read a bit about this first before heading down to the grocery so you will have a pretty good idea of how to determine diaper sizes – you can then focus on other factors for consideration once you’re in the grocery.

Baby sizes, whether for diapers, clothes or shoes; are generally labeled as Newborn, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and going up to Size 6 – Size 7 for some brands. A few brands also have a Preemie size.

To help you decide on which size is best for your baby, packaging of baby diapers almost always indicate the baby weight a specific size is ideal for.

Diaper Size and Baby Weight

So for instance, if you are looking at a Preemie baby diaper, the maximum weight of the baby this size is recommended for is six pounds; and a Newborn size is ideal for babies up to ten pounds.

Below are other baby diaper sizes and ideal baby weight range:

Size 1 – 8 to 14 pounds

Size 2 – 12 to 18 pounds

Size 3 – 16 to 28 pounds

Size 4 – 22 to 37 pounds

Size 5 – 27 pounds and up

Size 6 – 35 pounds and up

Size 7 – 41 pounds and up

Most baby diaper brands carry the same sizes so once you have determined the size that’s just right for the baby, you can be certain to find that specific size no matter what brand you are looking at.

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