Benetton Baby Size Chart

A baby is always a welcome addition to any family. It gives out a kind of joy that no words can possibly explain. However blissful, babies also pose a good amount of challenges, especially to those who are parents for the first time.

If you are a first time mom or dad, you surely would want to give your child the best. But since there is no precedent, you hardly would have an idea how. Although you can take a tip or two from resources that teach you parenting 101, you cannot learn as much as real life can teach you.

To help you through that bump of tackling the task for the first time, read on.

Welcoming the Baby

Since they are fragile, babies need much care and attention. You should provide for their every need. The catch is, they will not be able to express what those needs are. It is your task as a parent to be able to identify what your child needs to live a comfortable life. The only cue you get from them to tell you whether they enjoy where they are or not is to watch when they actually cry or peacefully fall into sleep.

But you know, there are the basic needs that a baby must be provided for. Food, shelter, and clothing are top three things.

Food shall come from mom’s breast milk. So there is not much problem with regards to that. In case, you choose to go formula, you will have to refer to your doctor’s advice regarding the best milk to give.

For shelter, you will have to put up a nice nursery where your child will feel peace and serenity. Newborns need as much sleeping time as possible. They need to rest a lot as their growing body demands for it. You need to install a crib, make the bed, and fill the nursery with this and that, which will help keep your tot relax.

For clothing, you definitely would want to give your baby the best and most stylish clothing that he/she will be comfortable wearing and will actually look good in. Benetton has a wide variety of styles for babies’ clothing. It also has a very specific size chart that ensures you will find a size that fits to your baby no matter how small he/she may be. Here is the Benetton baby size chart:

0/1 months                         50
1/3 months                         56
3/6 months                        62
6/9 months                        68
9/12 months                      74

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