What is the Size of a Baby Bottle Bag?

Baby bottle bags come in various sizes. To make sure you get a bag or cooler that fits, you should be familiar with the various models currently being sold.

Baby Bottle Bag Sizes: JL Childress 6 Bottle Cooler

The JL Childress 6 bottle cooler measures 7 x 4.5 x 11.5 inches. The bag is designed for use when going on outings with the baby. The unit is insulated so the bottles are separated from the food. The JL Childress 6 bottle cooler comes with leak proof lining made of PVC.

The cooler is also phthalate and lead free. The lining can be pulled out. This makes it easy to clean. This also prevents mildew and smells from building up. The bag can hold six bottles (standard size) or 3 bottles plus a cereal box. The upper compartment can store utensils, food jars and more.

Baby Bottle Bag Sizes: JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler

The JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 measures 11 x 4 x 9.5 inches. The unit can hold 3 wide body bottles, 4 standard bottles or three supper cups. This cooler is multipurpose and comes with a PVC leak proof lining. The lining prevents mildew and staining.

A small pocket is included. This can be used to store utensils and other baby items. The bag has full insulation features and comes with a reusable ice pack. A snap handle is included; you can use this to attach the bag to the stroller.

Baby Bottle Bag Sizes: Skip Hop Triple

The Skip Hop Triple bottle bag measures 9 x 8.4 x 3.8 inches. The bag can store up to three bottles. These will remain cool up to four hours. The bag comes with 3M Thinsulate. This will keep the bottles or those sippy cups cool.

The bag can also be used to store snacks. This means the bag can double up as a backpack. There are pockets on the outside which can be used to store various items. The material used is light, making it easy to clean up. The Skip Hop Triple bag is vinyl free. 

Baby Bottle Bag Sizes: Munchkin Cool Wrap

The Munchkin Cool Wrap weighs 1 lb and can contain three bottles simultaneously. It has a cooling capacity of up to 13 hours. The Munchkin Cool Wrap comes with removable gel packs.

The design means the unit no longer has to be placed in the freezer. The bag also comes with a removable strap which can be hooked up to the stroller. The dimension of the bag allows you to store standard 8oz bottles comfortably.

There are also ice packs on the back and front. The Munchkin Cool Wrap includes a pocket for putting in spoons. Aside from storing bottles, the bag can also be used to store snacks.

Many of the baby bags and coolers sold today can hold standard bottle sizes. If you want to store more food and other items, you need to look for bigger and more spacious baby bottle bag sizes.

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