How Small is a Potato Peeler?

A potato peeler, sometimes simply called peeler, is a handy gadget to have in the kitchen as it helps you peel fruits and vegetables faster and more efficiently.

With a potato peeler, you only take off the peel unlike when you use a knife where some of the flesh of the fruit or vegetable is peeled off as well.

Moreover, peelers are less accident-prone because these are generally designed in a way that will keep the sharp edge of the blade off your fingers.

How Small is a Potato Peeler?

There are basically two types of potato peelers: manual and electric; and you can best answer, “How small is a potato peeler?” by first determining on whether you will be getting the manual type or one of the electric models.

Manual Potato Peelers

For the manual type of potato peelers, the most common models are what are known as the Lancashire peelers and the Y peelers.

How Small is a Potato Peeler that is of the Lancashire Design?

A Lancashire type of potato peeler is generally slimmer than a Y peeler because it is just an elongated kitchen gadget with a peeler blade at one end.

The size of this peeler is generally around 16.5 centimeters in length although you can also find a longer one, measuring approximately 17.8 centimeters long.

Its width is roughly about 3.2 centimeters only.

For the Y peeler, it can come in measurements of 14.3 centimeters in length by 7 centimeters wide for the handle. A slightly shorter version of this measures about 10.2 centimeters in length by 4.5 centimeters in width.

Electric Potato Peelers

This type of potato peeler also comes in different sizes, usually depending on the number of functions the peeler has.

Other peelers also function as an apple peeler and corer and there are usually bigger than the simple electric peeler designed solely for peeling fruits and vegetables.

How Small is a Potato Peeler Meant only for Peeling and Nothing Else?

Usually, this comes in specifications of 19 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide. This type also usually runs on batteries.

The bigger electric peeler that also doubles as an apple corer can measure approximately 12.5 inches long by about 4 inches high and 5.25 inches wide.

There is also another type of electric peeler and this one is considered as “heavy duty” which makes it ideal for hotels and restaurants.

For this type of peeler, the question really is not “How small is a potato peeler?” but rather, “How big is this type of peeler?”

A heavy duty potato peeler may come in the following measurements: 26.3 inches in length by 21.5 inches in width by 45.5 inches in height.

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