Size of a Violin

The many different violin sizes make it one of the easiest instruments to play. Whatever the age of the player is, there is bound to be one that fits them.

Size Guide

The 1/16 size is best for children 3 to 5 years olds with 14 to 15 3/8 inch arm lengths. The 1/10 is also suitable for kids of the same age. But it is more suitable for those with 15 3/8 to 17 inch arm lengths. For children 3 to 5 with 17.1 to 17.5 inch arm lengths, the 1/8 size is recommended.

The 1/4 size is for 4 to 7 year olds with 17.6 to 20 inch arm lengths. The 1/2 is for 6 to 10 year olds with 20 to 22 inch arms. Children between 9 to 11 years old with 22 to 23.5 inches should go for the 3/4 violin size. The 4/4 full size will suit adults and kids 8 years old with 23.5 inch arm lengths.

Types of Violins

Various kinds are available. The most popular is the non-electric or acoustic. When used to play folk music, the instrument is called the fiddle. This is the instrument recommended for beginners.

The electric violin utilizes an electronic signal output. It is more suitable for advanced musicians. Generally, the sound is sharper compared to the non-electric type.

These instruments may also be categorized by the era. The Baroque violin is characterized by a shallow neck and angle. The Classical violin has small heels and a thinner neck compared to the Baroque type.

The modern instrument has a sharply angled neck. The strings are tuned higher and the wood is smaller and thinner. The instrument may also be classified by the country of origin. The most famous are the Stradivarius violins from Italy.


Rather than settle for a cheaply made, poor quality instrument, it is better to save money and buy from a quality brand. Before you buy, make sure the instrument is set up properly. Examine the setup and details.

Ensure that they are all correct. The power and tone must be correct. If you are not knowledgeable about these, bring an expert along when you shop.

Picking the right violin size is a must. But you also have to check the bow quality. A good bow is one that is flexible, well balanced and with good weight. A well designed case is also very important to protect the instrument.

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