Football Field Dimensions


The football field dimensions differ because professional, college and high school fields use diverse measurements. The following are the most common figures used in the United States, Canada and other countries that play American football. 

Field Length and Width 

In the NFL (National Football League), US high school and college, the field measures 120 x 53 1/2 yards (L x W). This is equal to 360 x 160 feet. In the Canadian CFL, the field measurement is 150 yards or 450 feet (L) x 65 yards or 195 feet (W). 

The End Zone Dimensions 

In high school, college and the NFL, the end zone is 10 yards deep. In Canadian CFL it is 20 yards deep. 

Other Football Field Dimensions 

The end line (CFL Dead Line) is the 6 ft end line denoting the end zone’s back. The field number is used to denote the 10 yard marker. In the NFL, college and high school, the field numbers are 6 x 4 ft. 

The Restraining Line and Team Benches

Every football field has a 6 ft line by the side lines. This denotes the nearest point non players can get near the field. Invariably, the team benches are set along the restraining line between the 30 yard markers. 

Football Hash Marks Variations 

The hash marks in the CFL, NFL, high school and college games vary. In high school football games, the hash marks are 53 ft, 4 inches wide. In college football, the hash mark widths are 40 ft. For the NFL, the hash mark width is set at 18 ft, 6 inches. At the CFL, the hash marks are 54 feet (17 yards) wide. 

The Goal Posts in Football 

The goal post also differs in the leagues. For example, in high school football, the goal posts are 4 inches wide and 10 ft high. For college, NFL and CFL, the goal posts are 10 ft high and 18 ft high respectively. 

The Teams 

Each team is allowed to put 11 men on the field. Substitution is unlimited, but players can get into the game only if the ball is dead. Each team is composed of the defense, offense and special teams. The special teams are put in if a kicking play will take place. 

The football field dimensions mentioned here are the standards used for the game. But these are not always the ones used for football games in other countries. 

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