Apartment Size Furniture

Among problems faced by people about to occupy a small apartment is how to fit big furniture into it. There should be a rule to go by when bringing furniture into an apartment. Never mind old and bulky furnishings that don’t fit into it. Just give them away or sell them and buy a new smaller one. But what about newly bought furniture? What rule should be followed to avoid this?

Door Opening Dimensions

The key is to buy apartment-size furniture. This means the furniture has dimensions that fit the main door of the apartment. Measure the width and height of the door jamb (width is from jamb to jamb; height is from the jamb above to the floor line) and make sure that whatever the thing to be brought in fits that measurement. The smaller the better.

Room Door Openings

The apartment-size furniture that will fit a bedroom fits the room door dimensions. Thus, as in the case of the main door, measure the height and width of each bedroom door and make sure the furnishing fits through. Each bedroom door should be measured because no two doorways or door openings measure exactly the same.

Window Openings

In extreme cases the furniture is brought inside a house through a window—that is, if the window has a bigger opening than the main door. A window serving as a fire escape often does the trick. In this case, apartment-size furniture is one that fits the measurement of a window.

Tips for Getting Furnishings through Doors

Dismantle the door from its hinges to create more room for objects to go through. That sometimes makes any furnishing fit any apartment size. With the door panel out of the way bulky things can easily slip through.

Bring huge things through the doorway sideways or crosswise instead of lengthwise. This is one practical way how anything can fit snugly through doors and brought inside the house.

Another trick how furnishings can be brought into a small room is by buying them dismantled. The pieces are then easily brought in and assembled together again once everything is inside the apartment. In a sense, big furnishings become practically small apartment-size furniture when placed in this way.

Or buy adjustable or collapsible house items. Foldable chairs, tables, and even living room sofas and huge beds can fit into narrow passages or small rooms if they can be made much smaller in size.

There are a lot of choices for space-saving beds, sofas, study tables, and PC desks, to name a few. They can help solve problems relating to what small apartment-size furniture can easily fit through.

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