Wall Mirror Dimensions

Wall mirrors come in a wide array of styles and sizes. The following examples show how varied they can be.

Wall Mirror Dimensions: Zadro Z300

The Zadro Z300 wall mirror measures 4 5/16 x 5 x 3/8 inches. The mirror is designed to be fog free, making it suitable for shaving and putting on make up. The Zadro Z300 has both a suction cup bracket and a clip on bracket. This allows the mirror to be attached to a variety of surfaces.

It can be cleaned by using soap and water. The mirror also comes with a coating. The mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally, each one offering unique perspectives. When mounted, the Zadro Z300 stays firmly in place.

Wall Mirror Dimensions: Jerdon JP7506CF

The Jerdon JP7506CF measures 12 inches in diameter. When set up, it will extend 13 ½ inches from the wall. The Jerdon JP7506CF has a 360 degree swivel. This feature is meant to give the user the opportunity to see their reflection in various angles.

Suited for makeup and detailed skincare sessions, it also comes with two reflectors. One is regular and the other has magnifying capabilities. The magnification is up to 5X. This makes the unit also ideal for shaving or putting on contact lenses.

The Jerdon JP7506CF has a chrome finish (all parts). The mirror is packaged with the tools needed to mount it in place.

Wall Mirror Dimensions: SeeAll 8" Oil Rubbed Bronze

The SeeAll 8" Oil Rubbed Bronze measures 8 inches in diameter. It is a dual arm wall mount that goes 14 inches from the wall. The finish is bronze and it is non-fogging. The mirror is also devoid of distortion. The mirror also comes with two mirrors, the true view and one with magnification. The magnification is up to five times normal size.

The SeeAll mirror’s head is set up on a swing arm which can be adjusted. The mirror comes with an additional light bulb. The hardware needed to install it is included in the package. The mirror has a cord but this can also be hard wired.

Wall Mirror Dimensions: Resin Wall Mirror

The Resin Wall Mirror measures 12 inches in diameter and is 17 inches high. The mirror is made of glass and the wood design makes it suitable for a lodge or cabin. The mirror is decorated with two birds on the sides.

The frame design resembles that of twigs brought together. Other details include the bark, leaves and buds. The Resin Wall Mirror has a picture hook on its back, used for hanging it in place. The cabin can also be installed by the door or a bedroom.

Choosing a Wall Mirror

If the wall mirror is going to be used for ornamental purposes, the decorations are what matter the most. The composition should also match the setting to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see, a lot of mirrors come with extra features, and their composition varies. For the casual buyer though, the wall mirror dimensions are still the main factor to consider.

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