Ad Sizes for Newspapers

Advertising is one of the strengths of any marketing plan. It provides an opportunity for a company’s product or service to reach as many target consumers as possible. Through advertising, the brand or product or service is promoted, making it a possibility for sales to go up.

Although in the modern times people run to the web for almost anything, it is still a good choice to place ads in newspapers rather than concentrating them in online sites. Newspapers and other print publications present a different appeal in terms of advertising.

Help with Rate Cards

Traditional media often distribute rate cards to their prospective advertisers. Rate cards contain information that will help the client decide whether or not to place an ad, in what size, in which format, etc. It is in rate cards that you will see the ad sizes for newspapers and how much cost you will incur for each. They offer very useful information including circulation data or how far the newspaper can reach as well as the demographics of its readers.

All in all, rate cards will help you make the decision because it contains all the details that will give you a foresight if indeed placing the ad will help you reach your audience and help you improve your sales.

Sizes of Newspaper Ads

Ad sizes for newspapers are usually determined according to column width. Of course, since different newspapers come in different sizes. Again, it is best to refer to rate cards to determine the specific dimensions of each column width.

Tips and Tricks

When using newspaper ads in strengthening your position in the market, you have to remember a few things:

To ensure success in gaining the public trust via advertising, you must be consistent for your target market to be familiar with your products and trust what you are actually telling them.

It is better to run a small ad at the same place at least once a week for a long period than a full-page ad, one time big time.

The key question when advertising in newspaper is when you will place your ad and in what section. You should answer this as appropriate to your type of business.

Remember that the weekend papers – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday editions – are most read. This is when people peek through newspapers to plan their shopping spree over the weekend.

People know exactly when to look at the newspapers for a specific need or reason. You must determine what day of the week does your target market peruse the paper the most because that is the best time to make your presence felt.

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