Ad Sizes and Formats

Advertising is an effective tool in selling any kind of business to the public. However, there are certain strategies that could help ensure that you will be able to maximize whatever you will have to spend for you ads. Ad sizes and formats play important roles in this part.

Different Sizes Spell Different Effectiveness

There are different ad sizes available. Each is defined by the kind of medium you are using as well as the price tag. In determining what size of an ad to use, you must consider which medium you are using and what size would you be comfortable to spend on. You also need to consider the graphics and copy that will go into your ad. If there is so much that is in your ad, it would probably be impossible if you are putting it out in a ¼ magazine page. In the same way, it might not be wise to put out a small advertisement a huge newspaper column width.

Again, consider the contents of the ad, which size it will be effective in delivering the message, and how much you can spend for it.

Designing your Ad in Different Formats

As with sizes, ad formats depend on what medium you are using. Printed publications have different requirements than Internet sites. You must be very careful in designing your ad and make sure it observes the requirements of your medium so your efforts will not be put to waste.

It is always advisable that you seek help from an expert graphic designer. That will help you manage the design challenges of this project. Graphic designers are quite proficient in developing an advertising copy that is appealing enough for the public to take notice. There are several design dos and don’ts that cover advertisements. Your graphic designer should be knowledgeable and skillful enough in developing effective copies that will make your investment go a long way.

Advertising has more goals than just making the product or service being promoted to sell. It is also aimed at creating awareness regarding the company, its products, and its promos. Promoting the company’s overall credibility is more important than merely beefing up your sales. It is what your advertisements will do for you in the long run. It is more of hitting your long-term goal rather than just the primary goal.

The only way to hit your targets is creating effective advertising copies that will communicate your message in a communicable manner and knowing what ad sizes and formats are available will help you get to that goal.

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