Worlds Highest Paying Jobs

Are you stuck in what seems like a dead-end job, working long hours and getting little in remuneration? If you want a career change or are planning your future career, it would help if you knew what the highest paying jobs are at the moment so you can plan accordingly.

If you wish to make a career in the medical field, then you are on the right track. Medical professionals these days are the highest income earners, particularly in the United States.

World’s Highest Paying Jobs

As mentioned, professionals working in the medical field are the highest paid workers nowadays.

1. Surgery – Surgeons get paid the most for their services, earning at least $206,770 per annum.

2. Anesthesiology – Next in the list are anesthesiologists who earn at least $197,570 each year.

3. Orthodontists – Dentists specializing in orthodontics come in third. They are estimated to earn $194,930 per annum.

4. Obstetrics and Gynecology – The fourth highest paid medical professionals are doctors specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. They take in an annual income of approximately $192,780.

5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery –
Surgeons in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery come in fifth with earnings of at least $190,420 per annum.

6. Internal Medicine – Doctors specializing in Internal Medicine take the sixth place. They are estimated to earn at least $176,740 every year.

7. Prosthodontics – Coming in seventh place are prosthodontists who earn at least $169,810 annually. They are dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry including determining whether a patient needs full dentures, partial dentures, fixed bridge as well as maintaining the patient’s teeth and making them look more attractive.

8. Physicians – Physicians come in a close eighth, earning approximately $165,000 per annum.

9. Family Medicine and General Practice – Family doctors and General Practitioners take the ninth place. They earn around $161,490 per annum.

10. Chief Executive Officer – Taking the tenth spot are professionals who have veered away from the medical field but are nonetheless high income earners. They are CEOs of different companies. It is estimated that they earn at least $160,440 every year.

11. General Dentistry – Medical professionals once again take the spotlight, with dentists coming in at the eleventh place for the highest income earners today. They are estimated to earn $154,270 annually.

12. Psychiatry – Doctors specializing in mental health are also in-demand these days, taking the twelfth place for the world’s highest paying jobs. They earn an approximate amount of $154,050 per annum.

13. Pediatrics – 13 it seems is a lucky number for Pediatricians. They take the thirteenth highest place for high income earners, raking in at least $153,370 per annum.

14. Special Dentistry – Dentists specializing in fields other than the ones mentioned above take the fourteenth spot. They earn at least $142,070 per annum.

15. Podiatry – Foot doctors take in the fifteenth spot. They specialize in treatments of the feet, lower legs and ankles. They earn approximately $125,760 annually.

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