Ad Sizes Mobile Phones

Advertising is a very lucrative business. It is both beneficial to the advertiser and the medium because they are both promised with very good revenues in case the campaign becomes successful. Previously, it is the tri-media that are run to for advertising. But since we are in a highly modernized world with a very advanced technology, it is not surprising to find advertising everywhere, especially in the gadgets essential to everyday lives. The Internet is one of the most in demand advertising avenues, and so is the mobile phone.

Mobile Advertising

Advertising via mobile phones appreciates the fact that people consider being incomplete without their hand phones with them. Since it is an indispensable item for a lot of people, it is a very convenient way to reach a product’s target market.

The mobile market is a fast growing market. It is a huge avenue where you can possibly hit your targets with little effort. For as long as your campaign is effective, there should be nothing that can stop you from gaining revenues from mobile marketing.

Size and Format Requirements

One of the most important considerations when placing a mobile ad is the sizes. Ad sizes for mobile phones vary, as varied as it is in any other medium such as print, radio, TV, and the Internet.

One of the major factors that determine the mobile ad size is the fact that mobile handsets differ greatly in screen size. The recommended image size of your ad depends on the screen size of the mobile phone while the format depends on what program supports the mobile phone. Usually, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP are image formats that are supported by mobile technologies such as WAP and MMS.

Before placing an ad, it is important that you learn through the process well. Make sure that you are within the standards in terms of size and formats. You must check with the mobile companies regarding their requirements as much as you need to peek through the rate cards of different print, radio, TV, and Internet companies to know how much a size of an ad would cost as well as the required formats you need to submit.

More importantly, make sure that your message gets through. The point of advertising in whatever media is to get the message across from the manufacturers to the consumers. It is important that whatever format, size, or display you choose, your target markets will be able to grasp the message that you would like to impart.

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