House Key Dimensions

The door is one of the most important security features of the house. It prevents people from entering, especially strangers and infiltrators who have no right to enter such private place. A house owner needs a key to enter the house, which is a basic device for opening the door. Without it, it is just impossible to enter. In addition to these details, it is also important to find out the house key dimensions.

The Dimensions of a House Key

The average size of house keys is a little more than 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters. It comes in two different types. Bittings or teeth are featured in the first type of key. In this type of key, the tops are flat instead of being pointed. Although, it offers better security, many people dislike it because it has a bigger size and is less convenient to carry. This type of key is widely used in European countries.

The second major type of key fits a pin-tumbler cylinder lock. It features a series of grooves, which is often referred to as the key’s profile. The purpose of this is to limit the kind of key that can match the lock cylinder. Once the key is entered into the lock, a series of notches and pointed teeth moves upwards and downwards until the pins match the cylinder’s shear line. This particular kind of key is commonly used in the United States.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

A key is commonly used as a symbol, which often signifies a secure connection, digital file or website. Likewise, it may also refer to a secure location or item. The management of keys is very important, especially in terms of aiding operations efficiency and security. This is commonly part of large organizations or buildings, which make use of numerous locks and keys inside them.

Once of the highly interesting aspects surrounding keys is duplication. The fundamental method used to duplicate a key is called key cutting. As part of this process, the main idea is to insert a flat key right into the machine’s vise grip. Locksmiths as well as local retail hardware stores are offering this kind of service at highly affordable prices.

The origin of using wooden keys and locks can be traced in Egypt approximately 4,000 years ago. Theodore of Samos invented the modern version of keys in the 6th century B.C. Since the colonial times in the United States, it has served as a symbol of rule and power. The use of flat metal keys became very popular in the early parts of the 20th century, right after the development of mechanical key duplicators. Some of the most common types of keys include paracentric key, four-sided key and double-sided key.

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