Baby Socks Sizes

It is important for any mother who is busy parenting newborns to know about baby socks sizes. It is as significant to find the right socks size for your baby as it is with the right shoes size.

Putting your baby on the wrong socks size is bad all around. If you buy smaller socks for his feet, his toes will be bent and cramped. If you buy bigger socks size than what is needed, he will have not much support. There will also be no cushion between his feet and his shoes. It will also be a lot difficult to find a proper-fitting shoes if you do not buy a good pair of socks that fits just right.

Baby Socks Sizes

Baby socks sizes vary, usually according to your newborn’s current age. For babies aged 0-2 years, there are three different socks sizes available. The first is for 0-6 months old, the second is for 6-12 months old, and the third is for 12-24 months old. For toddlers beyond 24 months, you will have to refer to a toddler socks sizes or even to children’s socks sizes.

Some babies are either smaller or bigger for their age. In this case, you will have to buy socks according to what you think will fit nicely. If your baby’s feet seem to fit the smallest size even when he is already eight months old, you may well stay with that size for the meantime. If your baby seems to outgrow his socks faster than the age indicator, you can buy pairs of the bigger size to suit him nicely.

Socks Buying Tips

Do you really need to buy socks that often, every time your baby ages a couple of months old? Well, not really. As stated earlier, you also need to examine what suits your baby’s needs right.

There is also such a thing as shopping for quality to avoid buying socks too often. Lycra is a popular fabric used in many socks manufactured to day. This is quite ideal because it is stretchable so it is always proper-fitting. Lycra is very easy to put on. Then again, it fits snuggly to the feet of your precious one so you do not need to worry about comfort.

Another amazing fabric to choose for your baby’s socks is cotton. Cotton is breathable, giving your baby’s feet as much comfort. Lately, mothers of newborns enjoy the best of both worlds because a combination of Lycra and Cotton is often used to make socks.

In the end, it is really up to you and your judgment to find the right fit made of the right material. Just make sure that you put comfort and quality on top of everything else because choosing the right fit can go a long way for your precious baby.

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