How Big is a Gas Burner?

A gas burner is constant in almost every kitchen. It is the choice of many to accompany them in preparing everyday family meals. At first sight, a gas burner may look daunting. Then again, you just have to get used to it to realize that it is not as tricky as it seems.

The first thing you need to know is that, gas burners come in many different sizes.

How Big is a Gas Burner

Gas burners or cooktops vary in a wide range of sizes. It is no longer just about a single burner or a double burner. Some gas burners have four to six to eight burners, all for the convenience of the cook.

The standard dimensions of a single gas burner are 12.8”x14.2”x6.9”. For a double burner, the dimensions are 26.5”x16”x4.5”. Some can have their gas cooktops according to their own specifications. In this case, you will have yours modified according to your needs or the size of the countertop you will put the stove on.

Size matters a lot. Before shopping for your gas burner, you must have the size of your countertop handy. Check out the dimensions of the space where your cooktop will be installed so you can have an estimate of what length and width and depth you need your gas burner to be.

The Better Choice: Gas Burner

The gas burner provides a number of advantages compared to other cooking devices.

For one, they are eco-friendly than electric stoves. The fact that you can see flames while you cook also adds up a level of enjoyment in doing the task. Also, with gas burners, you are given much more option and control over your flame.

When boiling or searing a piece of meat, using high heat is ideal. Medium heat is great for all types of regular cooking, when do not want your food to keep boiling. Low heat is used mostly when slow cooking, simmering, and merely keeping the food warm.

Aside from giving out a handful of options, gas burners are also very easy to maintain. You just have to remember wiping out spills regularly. Most gas burners are made of stainless steels, which will retain its beauty only when it is kept clean all the time.

Of course, there are the exciting features that usually come with every gas cooktop. There is an option to have a wok burner or a grill, depending on your requirements. You can always find an available stovetop in the market. But if you need yours to be customized, tailor-made for your cooking needs, you can easily have that also.

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