Fridge Sizes

Before you buy a refrigerator, you must know the different fridge sizes available. While everyone has their own preference, below are some suggestions that may prove helpful.

What Refrigerator Capacity is Right?

For couples, a 10 to 12 cu ft unit and 4 cu ft freezer will be sufficient. For a family of four, an 18 to 22 cu ft unit will be suitable. The ideal freezer size is between 8 to 10 cu ft. Large families will need a 26 to 30 cu ft fridge. The freezer ought to be 12 to 14 cu ft.


Besides the fridge sizes, you also have to consider the style. The three standards are side by side, top freezer and bottom freezer. The French door is fitted with a double door bottom freezer. The following measurements are all W x H x D.

Side by Side

The built-in side by side dimensions are 42 x 83 x 23 inches (W x H x D). The counter depth models measure 35 x 68 x 24 inches. The free standing side by side dimensions are 32 x 66 x 28 inches.

French Door Bottom

These are available in three types. The free standing measures 33 x 68 x 28. The counter depth is 35 x 69 x 23 inches. The built-in French door bottom models have dimensions of 42 x 83 x 23 inches.

Bottom Freezer

The free standing model measures 29 x 66 x 28 inches. The counter depth units are 35 x 69 x 23. The built-in unit measures 35 x 82 x 23 inches.

Top Freezer

These models are 28 inches wide, 61 inches high and 25 inches deep.

Other Considerations

If you want a built-in ice maker, measure the clearance at the back of the fridge. This will be for hooking up the filter and water line. You must also account for your future requirements. If you think the household members will grow in number, purchase a large unit. If not, get a smaller unit. If you live alone, do not buy a 26 cu ft unit.

The unit must also have bins and shelves that you can move without trouble. If you stock up on wine bottles, liter size drinks and gallons of milk, get one of the larger fridge sizes. You must also get an energy efficient model. All models made after 2001 are 40% more effective in using power than the ones before.

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