Dimensions of a Thickness Planer


The thickness planer sizes differ among manufacturers. Some measure 24 x 17 x 21 inches, while others are 22 x 16 x 20 inches. Some models are also capable of providing 33 ½ inches of material support. 

What is the Thickness Planer?

The thickness planer is a tool used by woodworkers to trim the board thickness to the required size. Because the device can do the job quickly and efficiently, the tool has become a mainstay in woodwork shops. 

How to Use the Thickness Planer 

Step 1

Get the board you have to trim and measure it. No matter what the thickness planer size is, taking accurate measurements is always a must. 

Step 2

Set the planer deck to the needed thickness. You can do this by putting the board into the planer without turning the device on. Raise the deck if the board cannot get through. Adjust the deck if the planer is positioned too high. 

Step 3

Turn the planer on by flipping the switch. Regardless of the thickness planer dimensions, there is no need to adjust it to the specific thickness you require. You just have to set it well over that thickness level. This is necessary to keep the board from breaking or chipping.

Step 4

Put the board through the planer. Take it off at the other end. Turn the deck crank down by a quarter. Send the board back in. Keep repeating this until you get the required thickness. 

Step 5

After you are done, turn off the machine. 

Why Thickness Planers are Necessary

A flat surface can be attained after a few passes with the jointer. But if you turn the board over to make more passes, it may not be parallel to the ones made earlier. This is where the thickness planer comes into play. 

The thickness planer has a cutting head at the top and a flat base. The wood is fed through cutting blades via power rollers. This process will take out some of the material. 

This will reduce the thickness. If the material has to be trimmed some more, extra passes can be made. This procedure will result in boards with flat parallel sides. 

Depending on the thickness planer size, numerous boards can be put in to produce boards of similar thickness. While the function of these machines is similar, their durability will vary. The cost will differ per store as well, so check out as many as you can. 

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