How Big is a Shrimp Trap?

Some of the most common shrimp trap sizes are 19 x 25 inches, 19 x 30, 22 x 25 and 18 x 20. There are bigger ones available, but the sizes specified are sufficient in most cases.

Setting up the Trap

Once you have the trap, it is time to configure it. This will vary per product. Some you just need to unfold; others are collapsible and still others have parts that have to be assembled. You just have to follow the instructions provided. Reviews will come handy here; get a trap that is easy to set up.

The Bait

Different baits can be used. The most popular are herring and mullet. They are low cost and easy to find. But other types of saltwater fish will do. The best fish part to use is the head. It lasts longer than the other body parts.

The Trap and the Rope

Secure one end of a rope on the trap. The trap’s top will typically have a fastening point on it. Whatever the shrimp trap size is, be certain the knot is secure. If the knot is loose, the trap might get lost.


The best place to set the trap is a shallow bay with relatively still waters. The key word is still, not stagnant. You can also set the trap by a pier or some docks. If you are not sure, just ask others where they have captured shrimps.

When you find the right spot, put the trap in the water. Hold on to your line. Let the trap drop until it reaches the bottom. Make sure you get a long rope. Most of the time, 15 feet of rope is enough. Allow the trap to sit still. You may need to wait a few hours or more. You can look in the trap every four hours. You cannot wait too long. Otherwise, the captured shrimp could die.

Other Information

Remember that shrimps are often found in shallow water. That is the reason why 15 foot ropes are sufficient. Various types of ropes are available. The best is nylon because it won’t get damaged by saltwater. Do not use fiber or cotton rope; they will not last.

The shrimp trap sizes you use is going to determine how many you can capture. If you are just starting out, it is best to go with a small trap. A big trap is no guarantee it will be effective. It also depends on how efficient your bait is.

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