Worlds Most Profitable Brands


Every top brands list would basically include the following: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Nokia.

In this world’s most profitable brands article, we will focus on those five brands. We’ll see how they came to be not just the most popular but also the most trusted, yielding a bigger chunk of customers than their rivals.


If you want to have a bite, you would most likely run to the most trusted fast food chain the world. That’s why McDonald’s continues to gain sales every year. When people decided to eat a lot healthier, McDonald’s changed its campaign style. It started offering healthier choices of sandwiches and other quick bites so as not to lose a good chunk of its very loyal, very faithful patrons. McDonald’s now also offers a range of salad recipes to go with very healthy sandwich options. The store adapts to the present, it never stops reinventing to cater to a wider audience. That’s why it has remained to be a top brand over the years.

Coca Cola

Every human being, even if he had lived under a rock for a few years, would surely know what Coca Cola is. That’s how powerful and established the brand is. Coca Cola has been on top and stayed on top of every beverage list in the world for so long. It has ignited a different kind of love and appetite for soda. It has made the demands for colored and spirited beverage constantly high.


At this time and age where coffee has become a lifestyle, Starbucks is there to claim the biggest chunk of the customers and the profits as well. It started the coffee revolution. Its aroma ignited people’s love for a cup of modern culture. Starbucks sure pockets the recognition of turning coffee from merely a drink choice onto a lifestyle, a culture, a fashion statement.


Event with Apple and Google climbing up the ladder, they have not reached up to where Microsoft has gone so far. Despite the threats of the competition, it remains to be the number one in the software business.


If technology is the topic, Nokia is all at it. With the worldwide text revolutions comes the popularity of Nokia handy phones. They are known all over for fashionable models that are low-cost, easy-to-use, and very convenient to have around. Its mass appeal definitely speaks for its climb up the top ranking brands in the world. Nokia is even more famous among developing countries. That speaks a lot of its image and its range of followers.

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