Dimensions of a Hedge Shears

Shears are specialized scissors used in gardening and cutting hedges. Generally, scissors with blades longer than 6 in (15 cm) are called shears. Unlike scissors, shears usually have one thumb sized hole paired with a large one.

Hedge Shears Dimensions: ARS K-800

The ARS K-800 hedge shears measures 20 x 6 x 2 inches. This hedge shear is designed for trimming trees, bushes and shrubs. The blades are hard chrome plated; this is to ensure they’re ready for heavy duty work. The blades are also replaceable.

The handles are curved as are the blades, giving optimum cutting angles for shrubs and even thick grasses. The ARS K-800 has plastic handles to make handling comfortable. The ARS K-800 is also suitable for manicuring different trees and shrubs. This shear is designed for both the casual and professional gardener.

Hedge Shears Dimensions: Fiskars Power-Lever #9177

The Fiskars Power-Lever #9177 has the ten inch GatorBlade. The shear also uses Friskars’ PowerLever design. The 4 point pivot design reduces the cutting by fifty per cent. The GatorBlade has self sharpening serrated edges. This allows for easy gripping of branches while cutting them down.

The Fiskars Power-Lever handle is made of fiberglass and has dual layer grips. The design is intended to give the shears a light weight but durability. The blades are also sharp enough to cut through overgrown twigs, branches and thick shrubs.

Hedge Shears Dimensions: Corona Clipper HS 3950

The blade of the Corona Clipper HS 3950 is ten inches long. The blades are made from forged carbon steel; this is to make them durable and long lasting. The blades also have a notch at the base, useful for chopping down stalks.

The steel handles are lightweight and come with comfort grips. They can also be extended from 15 inches to 26 inches. It comes with a lock that will fasten it at the desired length extension.

The Corona Clipper HS 3950 also has the ShockStop bumper to keep arm and shoulder strain to a minimum. The shears also have pivot bolts to make cutting more straightforward.

Hedge Shears Dimensions: Fiskars PowerGear 9189

The Fiskars PowerGear 9189 shear has 9 inch blades and is 22 inches long. The stainless steel blades are layered with PTFE coating to keep friction down during the cutting. The handles are Nyglass, making them lightweight.

The shears are intended for use as a hedge maintenance utility. The PowerGear feature is implemented to make hedge cutting easier. The blade does not need to be sharpened.

Choosing Hedge Shears

Those with plastic handles are the best option especially if you’ll be using them for long periods of time. Yu can also wear gloves when cutting hedges. Make sure the shears are the right size.

Shears that are too long or too short will frustrate you. If you’re not sure of the dimensions, try them at the garden center. If it’s not allowed, ask the customer service rep for help.

The importance of hedge shears dimensions cannot be overestimated. Also consider the material they’re made of; stainless steel is generally the best option.

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