Size of Car Visor Organizers

Every time you are behind the wheel, it helps to have all your things organized so you’ll know where to find each item whenever you need it for something.

How many times have you rummaged through the glove compartment while keeping an eye on the road because you need the map for directions to wherever you are going, or you suddenly remember that you left your mobile phone somewhere in the car last night?

Size of Car Visor Organizers: Compact and Convenient

To keep things organized and within easy reach, there are car organizers that you can find in the market today. One of the best organizers that you can use for your car is a visor organizer.

While there are various car visor organizers that are available today, you will find that the size of car visor organizers are basically made to fit standard car visors no matter what make and model of vehicle you have.

The size of car visor organizers are compact enough that they will not appear bulky on your visor and yet spacious enough to fit your sunglasses, mobile phone, loose change, identification cards, credit cards, a small map and pens all at the same time.

Size of Car Visor Organizers: Dimensions

You will find that the size of car visor organizers dimension-wise is typically around 13.75 inches in length by 5.5 inches in width by 0.5 inch deep. Most brands carry this same standard size of car visor organizers.

A slightly shorter car visor organizer would be about 13 inches in length by 6.2 inches in width by an inch deep.

While this size is shorter by three-fourths of an inch as compared to other manufacturers’ standard sizes, this is almost an inch wider which still gives you enough space for your small items.

You can also find sizes of car visor organizers in dimensions of 12 inches in length by 6 inches in width by 0.5 inch deep; as well as 11.8 inches in length by 6.3 inches in width by 1.4 inches deep.

From these dimensions, you can see that those that are shorter make up for the difference by providing more space in width.

Whatever size you do decide on, a car visor organizer will definitely help you with keeping some of your essentials just within an arm’s reach – keeping them handy at all times.

Now you no longer have to search the entire car and rummage through the glove compartment searching for your cards, mobile phone and even your garage and house keys.

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