Latke Serving


Latke is a traditional Jewish food that is served during Hanukkah celebrations. This dish is made of potatoes and is flavored with onions and other seasonings. The ingredients are grated, fried and then flattened to create pancake shapes, hence; latke is also known as potato pancakes.

Latke serving can be done in the traditional pancake shape and size, round and flat and about as small as a coffee cup saucer; or you may also make this in any serving size that you prefer. 

Latke Serving Sizes

Nowadays, the traditional latke has been tweaked a little to suit the taste and preference of different individuals. Whether you are making your own latke or buying this from stores, latke sizes can be in bite sizes, medium, large and extra large.

Bite sizes are usually around two inches in diameter while large sizes are about three inches in diameter.

You can also mold these into any shape you want, other than traditional round and flat serving. There are heart-shaped and square latkes. If you are making these for kids, you can even mold them into different animal shapes.

Latke Recipes

While tradition has it that potatoes will be used on this dish, it is after all, a potato pancake; those watching their diets, carb and sugar intake, have come up with their own recipes that are more suitable for their diets.

In place of potatoes, some use cauliflower others use broccoli, cabbage or spinach. These low-carb, low-fat latkes can be made right at home or they can also be purchased in a few specialty stores.

Serving Latke

Latke is usually served with applesauce or sour cream and still others tweak their applesauce by adding rosemary and butter. There are also others that use yoghurt sauce. You can actually come up with your own latke sauce or accompaniment, depending on your taste and preference.

For presentation, there are latke plates that you can use. These are designed with traditional symbols and can be made from plastic or ceramic materials. There are single-serve plates which could be round or square and there are also platters where you can place several servings of latkes.

These plates are available online and can be purchased per piece or as one complete set, with plates and platters.

While latkes are served as part of the Jewish Hanukkah celebration, these potato pancakes are also popular in different cultures. In Belarus, latke is regarded as their national dish. This is also common in Russia, Austria, Germany and Poland. 

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