Wheat Beer Glass Sizes

Now, here’s a silent rule that is (probably) shared by most wheat beer drinkers: You’ve got to have suitable wheat beer glass sizes when you drink wheat beer. That’s a must according to these people.

Why would the size and type of a glass matter so much? If you find yourself asking this question, you must be one of those who may not comprehend the need for having the most suitable glass sizes to use for enjoying a nice wheat beer alone or with others.

Why can’t one merely use any glass size for that matter? Is having the “right” size and type of glassware really that important?

Well, many beer drinkers would say, "Hell yeah!" Wheat beer drinkers know that the appropriate wheat beer glass sizes are important factors in making beer drinking more enjoyable. Yes, that’s right. The size and type of glass add to the excitement and pleasure of beer drinking. It may be inferred that this is because your senses for sight, smell, and taste are all appeased when the wheat beer is poured in very attractive glassware.

There are many different wheat beer glass sizes around, and also various types of beer glasses, that may be useful for a particular beer drinking occasion with friends or family.

For a quick and easy guide, here are some of the kinds of glassware to use that can add to your satisfaction while drinking your favorite wheat beer.

One: The Elegant Flute Glass

You can enjoy drinking beer more if you use a flute glass having these measurements: Either 7.2 by 26 cm with a capacity of about 220 ml or 6.5 ounce with a capacity of 6 ounces.

Although the flute glass is more commonly used for enjoying champagne, using this for wheat beer can also be appropriate, and can even add a touch of elegance to your drinking experience.

Two: The Sturdy Mug

Also known as the Stein or Seidel, the versatile mug is perfect for enjoying wheat beer. Its most common measurement in size is around 16 ounces.

If you’ve got the American Dark Wheat Ale or the American Pale Wheat Ale in your refrigerator or cooler, this mug could be suitable to use especially if you are looking for glassware that will be able to hold more beer volume.

Three: The Classy Weizen Glass

What could be a lot better to use in drinking wheat beer than the Weizen glass?

Since wheat beer is said to have originated in Germany, and called “Weizen,” this glassware is one of the best glasses to use to enhance the color and presentation of the beer.

There are many sizes available, but the most typical size of this glass in the market is about 0.5L.

With these three choices on wheat beer glass sizes, you can be assured that you’re serving wheat beer in a more proper and satisfying manner.

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