Size of a Milk Guard


The size of the milk guard varies a great deal. The JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder for instance, measures 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches. Other milk guard products measure 3 x 3 x 0.7 inches. Some are bigger and measure 4 x 4 x 0.6 inches. The milk guard is also known as a boil over preventer, pot watcher, milk watcher and pot minder. They all refer to the same thing. 

What is a Milk Guard for? 

This utility is used to prevent liquids from boiling over. It is often used to stop milk burning, hence the name. However, the milk guard can be used to watch over different kinds of liquids. 


While the size of the milk guard differs, the traits are the same. The milk guard is a disk-like object. It has a notched side and a raised rim. There are also some watchers designed so they can be utilized with the reserve or obverse side up. These types will seem to possess two notches. 

It should be noted that the interior of the milk guard isn’t even. The shape will slant up, heading to the notched part. This will make a space to the back of the notch. 

This space allows water vapor to gather. The water vapor is then ensnared below the pot minder. This causes the notched part to rise up. This lets out the liquid and simultaneously circulates liquid at the pot’s base. This is what generates the rattling effect. 

How the Pot Watcher Functions 

While the size of the milk guard varies, the way they function is the same. Boling water doesn’t usually boil over. But if starches, fats and other materials are put in, it can happen. What happens is that a film is created at the liquid’s surface. 

For instance, the cream may boil over as milk fat. The added viscosity makes the steam bubbles form foam below the film. This will send the film up and boil over. 

The milk watcher can stop this from happening by distributing the heat from the burner uniformly. It circulates the liquid all around the pot’s bottom. It gathers the steam’s small bubbles below the pot watcher. These are combined into a single big bubble. 

It is released in a way that pierces the film at the surface. In many cases, the milk watcher soaks in the heat generated. This prevents steam bubbles from appearing. 

The abovementioned process is applicable in most milk guard products, although some designers may incorporate new features. 

The rattling noise is what alerts the cook that a boiling is taking place. 

Because it circulates the fluid, the pot watcher can also keep substances from being deposited to the pot’s bottom. Without the milk guard, things could end up at the bottom of the pot and get burned. 

The size of the milk guard is one of the most impotent factors to consider. You also have to consider the design to see if its fits your pot. Because it is so useful, it pays to have one in the kitchen. 

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