Dimensions of a Machete

The size of a machete varies depending on the manufacturer. Some machetes have blades 17 inches long, with others have 15 inch or 18 inch blades. The weight varies too, although 1 or 2 lbs is becoming commonplace.

What is a Machete?

The machete can refer to any type of blade used for cutting. While the measurements vary as indicated, most are between 1 to 2 feet (30.48 to 60.96 cm) long. The blade thickness is around a tenth of an inch (2.54 mm).


The machete has many uses, but primarily it is for cutting and slicing different agricultural products. Frequently it is used for cutting sugar cane or opening coconuts. The design and size allows the user to get plenty of momentum as the blade is struck against the target.

The size of a machete also affects the ways it can be used. For example, some large machetes can be used for creating paths through rainforests. The machete can also be used for preparing food. The machete can also be utilized as a weapon.

Availability and Symbolism

The machete is very common in tropical nations as it can be used for various tasks. They are found in Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands, Caribbean, the African continent and South America. Culturally speaking, the machete is recognized in many countries as a weapon.

The machete is actually used as a weapon by various military and rebel groups. In many countries, the use of the machete has become a symbol of the military and revolutionaries.


The machete of today comes in various designs. Many of the machetes are set on the same principles but their shapes differ. For example, African machetes (called tapanga) measure about 1 and ½ ft (45.72 cm). The posterior side is somewhat broad. The machete in the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia is called the bolo. The base is longer that the tip.


The history of the machete goes back as far as the 13th century. Its predecessor is the falchion, which is a type of short sword. There are also some historians who believe the machete origin is linked to the Greek kopis. The origin of the word was taken from a tool employed by the Spanish Army around the 18th century. The tool was called a machete.

Aside from the size of a machete, the design of the blade must be looked into as well. Make sure the handle is long enough for the blade. If the handle is too short, it will be difficult to use.

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