Size of a Drum Kit

There are different sizes of drum kits available. The following are some of the sets you will find today.

Common Drum Kit Configurations

The so-called standard 5 piece set is made up of the following parts: a 22 x 16 bass drum, a 13 x 9 mounted tom, a 12 x 8 mounted tom, a 16 x 16 floor tom and a 14 x 5.5 snare drum.

The “rock drum set” is comprised of a 22 x 16 bass drum, a 14 x 6.5 snare drum and three toms: a 16 x 16 floor tom and two mounted toms, one 13 x 11 and one 12 x 10.

The fusion drum set is made up of a 10 x 8 mounted tom, a 20 x 16 bass drum, a 14 x 3.5 piccolo snare drum, a 14 x 11 floor tom, a 10 x 8 and a 12 x 9 mounted tom. The jazz drum set kit includes a 14 x 14 floor tom, a 10 x 8 mounted tom, an 8 x 8 mounted tom, a 14 x 5 snare drum and an 18 x 14 bass drum.

Drum Kit Configurations

Because the sizes of drum kits vary, the drum dimensions differ. For the standard set, the bass drum is 22 inches in diameter. The tom toms usually measure 12 and 13 inches and are placed on the bass drum. The floor tom is typically 16 inches and has three legs. Some kits include pedals and stands.

By comparing the set sizes, it becomes evident the fusion kits are simply a smaller version of the 5 piece set. Fusion sets have a 14 inch tom projecting from the stand. Unlike the toms in other kits, the tom does not have legs. Some companies though, interchange the rock and fusion set ups.

Drum sets for professional musicians usually have a few more pieces included. These include the pedals for the bass drum, cymbals and drum skins.

Dimensions and Sound

The size of the drum has an effect on the sound. Bigger drums tend to have louder and deeper sounds. Modern drums are typically constructed from wood or chrome plated steel shells. The standard depth is 5.5 inches, although 6.5 depths are no longer uncommon.

As the facts show, the sizes of drum kits can be quite diverse. However, these should not be a cause for confusion. Rather, the choices simply show how varied the choices are.

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