Biggest Goldfish Ever

The biggest goldfish ever is a 30 lb koi carp. The fish was caught in France by a fisherman named Raphael Biagin. However, some koi carp can reportedly attain weights of 90 lbs.

Facts about the Goldfish

The gold fish (Carassius auratus auratus) is a type of freshwater fish. The fish is part of the carp family. The fish has some unique traits, but the most well known is its orange-gold color. It is this trait that has given the creature its name. However, the fish actually comes in different colors. The fish may also come in various patterns.

Other Characteristics

The goldfish’s general appearance can vary. For example, some species have bubbled eyes, while others appear more telescopic. The fins can also vary. Many goldfish have long, flowing fins.

But there are also some species that have short and simple fins. The more colorful species are the ones used as pets in fish tanks and aquariums. Aside from their appearance, the goldfish is also easy to maintain and take care of. It is also friendly.

Physical Traits

The biggest goldfish ever shares some common physical characteristics with other goldfish. There are several fins scattered across their body. The fins are not for decoration. They are necessary to keep the fish balanced while in the water. The fins also help them when it comes to steering and propelling.

The fins are made up of the pelvic, anal, pectoral, dorsal and tail fins. The breathing and senses become possible with its gills. The visual acuity is not uniform; in some species it is restricted.

A freshwater fish, the creature can bear lateral lines. This is used to assist its movement. The fish also has a wen. The wen is a skin fold on its head. The wen is not common in all species.

The Common Goldfish

As the name makes plain, it is one of the most popular and widespread of the species. The fish can be found in different settings. The common goldfish can reach lengths of 4 inches (10.1 cm) and 1 foot (30.4cm).

Many of them are gold, but some are black. There are also red and white variants. The comet, fantail and black moor are very popular because of their fancy tails.

The biggest goldfish ever and all goldfish are descended from the Prussian carp. The fish originally had a dull color. But it underwent some sort of mutation. This would lead to the colorful fish we know today.

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