Titanic Dimensions

The size of the Titanic length wise was 882 ft 9 in Titanic Dimensions(260.1 m). It was 175 ft high (53 m) from the keel to the funnel. The tonnage was 46,328 gross tons.


The ocean liner was 92 ft (28 m) wide. From the water line up to the boat deck, the height was 59 ft (18 m). The displacement was 52,310 tons and the draught was 34 ft 7 in (10.5 m). The depth has been measured at 64 ft 6 in (19.7 m).

There were 9 decks (from A to G with boilers). The power consisted of 24 double ended (six furnace) and 5 single ended (three furnace) marine boilers.

The sizes of the Titanic’s steam engines were such they could release 15,000 hp at 75 revolutions per minute. The liner also had a low pressure turbine that could generate 16,000 hp. It was constructed to produce 46,000 hp and had a maximum output of 69,000 hp.

Speed and Propulsion

It consisted of 2 bronze triple blade wing propellers. There was also a bronze quadruple blade center propeller. The ship had a maximum speed of 23 knots (45 km/h; 25 mph).

Passenger Capacity

The Titanic could carry 3,547 passengers and crew. There were 740 staterooms. There were 416 first class, 162 second class, 262 third class and 40 open berthing sections.

Features of the Titanic

The physical size of the Titanic was more than matched by its features. The luxury liner had a squash court, a gymnasium and a Turkish bath. There was also a swimming pool and a Verandah Café.

There were also libraries in the first and second class sections. All the rooms were decorated with wood paneling. In addition, the first and second class rooms had barber shops.

Fine cuisine was also available in at first class. The Titanic also had elevators installed. Generators and Marconi radios were also fitted in. The fee for first class was $4,350 (one way trans-Atlantic trip). That would be equivalent to $95,000 (2008 standards).


Everything about the ship was massive except for the number of lifeboats included. Despite the size of the Titanic, only 20 were included on its maiden voyage. Lifeboats 1 and 2 were 25’ 2” long, 7’2” wide and 3’2” deep. Lifeboats 3 to 16 measured 30’ long and 9’1” wide.

They were 4’ deep. Lifeboats classified as A, B, C and D were 27’5” long and 8’ wide. The depth was 3’. In total the lifeboats could carry only 1,178 of the more than 3,547 that could go onboard.

Survivors and Victims

Of the 2,223 people aboard the Titanic, 706 survived (1,517 died). On first class, 39% died and 58% on second class. 75% in the third class perished and 76% of the crew also died. Most of them expired in the freezing water (26 F or -2 C).

The size of the Titanic was remarkable in its day. Today there are maritime vessels much bigger. However, the impact of its sinking was so great it changed maritime safety rules forever.

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