Baby Rag Quilt Dimensions

Whenever you are doing some baby stuff, you should be very aware of the important factors to consider. First, there is size, there is comfort, and there is style.

Among the many baby things, the rag quilt is one that you can do on your own. They are readily available in baby stores but if you want to give it some personal touch, you can do the rag quilt on your own.


Your baby rag quilt dimensions will roughly depend on the actual size of the crib. Most cribs available today measures 28 x 34 inches. Your rag quilt must also be within that size range. You can make some allowances if you want the quilt to be tucked in. If you want it all laid out, going for the exact size of the crib is the best way to go.

Making the Quilt

To make the rag quilt for your baby, you must first lay down the materials. Choose the fabric to use. Remember that it should be comfortable enough for baby. When the issue on comfort is taken cared of, you can easily check out the available styles and designs. The design of the fabric you choose depends on your taste and your preference so as to match it with the current style of the baby room.

Aside from the fabric, you must also prepare your scissors, your sewing machine, your measuring tape, some pins, thread, and scrap batting.

There are quilt how-tos available in different online sites. You can use them as a guide in making your quilt. Step-by-step guidelines are very useful for those who like getting involved in DIY projects.

Different Quilts for Different Needs

Rag quilts are widely varied. The baby quilts are just one classification. Thus, you must not be confused off the available quilts in the market. There are bed quilts, which take the size of the bed. There are also rag quilts used as lap blankets, the size in this case will depend on how big or small your need is.

As your baby starts to grow and outgrow his things, you should not feel sorry for the time and effort you poured in to make the baby quilt. You can easily turn it into a rag quilt and use for a different purpose. Just make sure that the design of the quilt is still appropriate for the room or area you decide to put it on. Look around the area and see whether the quilt design matches.

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