Crib Dimensions

Given all things are even and your baby is of average size, Crib Dimensions are pretty standard although as you will see, not all cribs are created equal.

The standard crib size is 30 x 54, although some cribs may be a little bigger than that. Crib DimensionsBut besides this figure there are other elements that need to be evaluated by the prospective buyer.

Crib Dimensions – Size Considerations

The 30 x 54 size is just one measurement. The minimum height of the adjustable rails is 26 inches. The lowest is 9 inches. This information is indicated on the crib or the packaging.

The space between the slats should not exceed 2 inches. While these measurements are implemented almost all the time, it doesn’t hurt to check anyway.

Crib Dimensions – Selecting the Mattress

Aside from the crib size, careful attention must be paid to the mattress. Do not buy a mattress that’s too light. Granted it’s easier to clean up, but it’s not as durable.

Make sure you pick the mattress that fits snugly into the crib. If you can put two fingers in the space between the crib and mattress, the mattress is not big enough.

If the mattress is too small, the baby might slip into that space or get stuck. To avoid this predicament, measure the crib. Inform the salesperson of the crib dimensions and ask for the best fitting mattress.

Crib Dimensions – Locking Device and Other Designs

Whatever crib size you choose, it’s fairly certain that it has some fancy decorations and designs. Make certain that there aren’t any sharp edges. Look at the locking device. It should be able to endure a force of at least 10 pounds.

If the crib has wood components it must be totally free of any faults. Inspect the ornaments; there shouldn’t be any gaps where the baby’s head or arms can fit through. A lot of the cribs sold in stores adhere to these basic safety standards, but it’s best to assess the item carefully.

Crib Dimensions – Tips

The crib mattresses can be either foam or innerspring. The former is cheaper. It also isn’t that heavy so you can lift and clean it up more easily. A foam mattress is measured by the density.

Don’t just focus on the crib size as the mattress is crucial too. As a rule, the foam mattress needs to be firm. However it shouldn’t be too hard it’s uncomfortable for the baby. A lot of foam mattresses have multiple sides. One side is softer than the other.

The general rule is that the baby needs firmer mattresses as they get older. With a double sided mattress, you can just turn it over. This will save you some money in the long run.

Crib Dimensions – Warnings

Cribs are assembled in different ways. You need to follow the instructions carefully. Do not put the baby in the crib until you’re sure that all the components are locked in place. Clean the crib and mattress so the baby doesn’t get sick.

You can never spend too much time fussing over the crib size and
its safety features. Do some window shopping to get the best possible price deals. But you shouldn’t compromise on the safety. When it comes to cribs, get the best that you can afford and worry less about Crib Dimensions and more about features.

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