Catering Table Sizes

Whether you’re throwing a casual get-together for friends and family, or are planning a major event such as weddings or formal dinners, one very important aspect you should carefully look into is the table setting.

Your number of expected guests will give you a good idea of how many tables you should have in place. There are different catering table sizes that you can choose from and these will help create the perfect table set-up for your party or event.

Typically, round tables are the more popular sort during events because they allow for close interaction between the guests seated per table. For a casual set-up, more people can be seated per table as compared to a formal and full table set-up.

Once you have determined whether you want a casual or a formal set-up, you can then begin to choose the right table sizes for your event.

Round Catering Table Sizes

Below you will find standard table sizes and the number of people they can accommodate to give you an idea of how many tables you will be needing for your party.

2-foot 6-inch Table – For a casual set-up, you can seat four persons here while a full set-up can seat two persons for a more intimate table setting.

3-foot Table – This table size can casually seat five persons while a full table set-up for this type can comfortably seat three persons.

3-foot 6-inch Table – You can seat six guests here for a casual affair and four guests for a formal table set-up.

4-foot Table – For a casual set-up, you can comfortably seat eight guests at this table while a full table set-up can accommodate six guests at this table.

5-foot Table – This table is more ideal for a casual set-up, seating at least ten guests comfortably.

6-foot Table – This table can casually seat twelve people and about eight for a full set-up.

8-foot Table – A casual setting for this table can accommodate up to sixteen guests while a full, formal set-up can accommodate about twelve people.

10-foot Table – This can seat up to twenty persons per table for a casual set-up and about 14 to 16 for a formal, full table set-up.

Choosing Catering Tables

You can get several tables of different sizes to help you come-up with a good table set-up for your event. The recommended number of people is only an approximation; you may come-up with your own set-up depending on your preference.

The tables are easy to assemble so you won’t have a hard time setting them up and you can get matching chairs to create a more uniformed look for your event.

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