Aeron Chair Sizes

Aeron chair sizes are specially designed for sitting comfort and better work performance while in sitting position. Office workers do about 85 percent of their crucial jobs sitting. Thus, during office work, a lot of employees’ productivity and quality performance depend on how comfortably seated they are at work. Thus the importance of Aeron chair sizes, which are seat types according to size.

There are 3 main Aeron chair sizes and they are designated size A, B, and C, size B being the medium or average size often applicable to most people. To get a better idea of what size fits whom, consider the following guidelines:

Height and Weight

Chair comfort is directly proportional to how well it can hold and carry its load. The height and weight of the user is therefore crucial in this sense. A particular height-weight combination matches a certain chair type or classification. Only a few manufacturers allow for this consideration, and among the top makers is Aeron. Heavy weights then need heavily built chairs; light-weight users need simple types, and those with medium built need the standard.

Heavy Weights

According to the Aeron size chart, people are heavy weights if they stand 6 feet and 3 inches tall or higher and weigh 180 pounds or heavier. They need type C seats. Or, some people may stand only 5 feet and 4 inches but they weigh somewhere around 210 to 270 pounds. They need Aeron chair sizes C or B/C, which is something between B and C. Those standing at 5 feet and 8 inches but weighing 170 to 270 pounds are also classified medium-heavy (B/C) to heavy (C).

Light Weights

Light weights need seat type A. People standing from 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 2 inches high and weighing from 90 to 130 pounds are light weight. A little bit higher or heavier than that means an A/B classification. Thus, know whom a chair is intended for before making a purchase.

Medium Weights

People with average weight should opt for type B seats. And average weight is from 150 to even 270, depending on the height. A person can be “average” even with a 270-pound weight if the person stands from 4 feet 10inches to 5 feet 2 inches.

Buying something that does not match one’s built would mean discomfort. This affects performance quality at the office. Make sure to choose seat types according to size to maximize their use and maximize people’s desk works.

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