Dimensions of a Pipe Wrench

The dimensions of a pipe wrench are diverse. There are wrenches that measure 8 inches and some that are 10 inches. There are other types available as the following information will show.

Types and Variants

There are currently half a dozen pipe wrenches available, each with a particular purpose. The offset wrench is utilized when working at awkward angles and in narrow tight spots. The end pipe wrench has an easy grip handle which you can attach onto pipes. These are ideal for use in confined spaces or pipes close to a wall.

The compound wrench is used to give extra leverage to seized joints. The strap wrench is constructed for use on polished, plastic and strap pipes. The chain pipe is also designed for use in very narrow spaces.

The straight pipe wrench is the basic type and can be used in many ways. These pipes are handled in different ways. Make sure you know how to use the pipe before handling it.

Manufacturers are always coming out with new designs, so various other pipe wrenches may be out in the market now.

Maintenance and Care

No matter what the dimensions of a pipe wrench are, they must all be taken care of. Use a wire brush to clean the pipes after using them. Don’t wait for the dirt to accumulate as it may cause wrench slippage.

The wrench’s teeth get worn out after use; replace those components if there are signs of damage or wear and tear. If the spring assembly does not work, check the spring assembly. It may have to be replaced. Rust can be avoided if the pipe wrench is lubricated regularly. Store the wrenches in a dry place.


Use the pipe wrench only as indicated in the package. Using the pipe like a hammer may damage the pipe and wrench. Never hit the wrench to gain additional leverage. Do not attempt to loosen the wrench by hitting it.

Do not use a pipe wrench with a bent handle. It signifies that the pipe has been overloaded. No matter which pipe wrench you have, do not use it close to a fire. This will soften the teeth.

Aside from the dimensions of a pipe wrench, the type you select must be the correct one. If you use the wrong one, you will not get the desired results. For large projects, it is best to have several types of pipe wrenches in hand.

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