Standard Carpet Sizes

If you want to decorate your home with a carpet, you must be familiar with the standard carpet sizes. Even though carpet measurements vary, knowing the common measurements will help when choosing among the many variants available.

Small, Medium and Large Sizes

The small sizes are no bigger than 2 sq m (21 sq ft), while the medium carpets are from 3.5 sq m (38 sq ft) to 5 sq m (54 sq ft). The large carpets are from 5 sq m to 8 sq m (54 sq ft to 86 sq ft).
What is the Right Size for a Room?

Note: the sizes are in feet.

For rooms measuring 12 x 9, the carpet cut should be 12 x 9 (12 sq yards). For a 12 x 10-6 room, the cut should be 14 sq yards; for 12 x 11-3 rooms, the carpet size should be 15 sq yards.

If the room measures 12 x 12, the sq yd should be 16. For 12 x 13-6 rooms, the sq yardage must be 18. 18-2/3 sq yards is needed for rooms measuring 12 x 14 ft. If the room measures 13 x 13, the carpet should be 20 sq yd.

Calculating the Required Carpet Dimensions

First, keep in mind that all carpets are sold by square yardage, no matter what the style is. The salespeople can tell you how much carpet you need if you give the precise room measurements.

However, it is possible to calculate it yourself. To do this you just multiply the width and length of the room in feet. If the room or area has odd shapes, you should take down all the measurements. The salesman will tell you how much carpet is needed.

You can also get carpet tiles. These are available in 12 or 18 in squares. This is an affordable way to get that wall to wall look.

Carpet Types and Sizes

The loop carpet typically measures 19.69 inches x 19.69 inches or 50 cm x 50 cm. This carpet is also known as the level loop and made from uncut loop. These make for a very tough surface, making them ideal for many people.

The multilevel loop carpet sizes vary. Popular choices are 50 x 50 centimeter carpets with a 4.2 mm thickness. Other carpets are 18 inches wide x 35 inches long.

The Saxony Carpet and Others

This carpet measures 1.91 m x 2.14 m or 7’10” x 13’ and a few other sizes. The carpet usually has a textured appearance, ideal for both office and homes. The casual carpets come in various sizes. They include 7’11” x 10’4”, 5’3” x 7’6” and 7’10” x 10’10”. The formal carpets are available in many types, including the velvet and plush. Velvet carpets are exquisitely made and for decorating.

The right carpet size will enhance the look of the room greatly, but an ill fitting one will have the opposite effect. Aside from the size, you need to choose the right color pattern and style.

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