Size of a Nine Iron

The size of a nine iron varies. The men’s steel is 35.5″, while the graphite is 36.0″. The women’s steel is 34.5″. The graphite is 35.0″.

General Information

The iron club is used for short range work, usually no more than 100 yards off the hole. The club is also employed on short par holes. The iron set is traditionally made up of irons 2 to 9. But many golfers forego the 2 iron in favor of a third wedge.

Using the 9 Iron Club

To use the club, the stance has to be narrower compared to when using the wood. This stance makes it appear the ball is played at the middle of your stance. Next, the club is held in the right hand. The left hand is set adjacent to the right near the shaft’s top. The left forefinger and the right pinkie interlock.

The size of a nine iron clubs requires steady grips. When holding the club, the left arm has to be pressed on the ribcage. The face of the club has to be at the right angle where the ball should drop.

Weight Distribution

At the swing onset, the body weight has to be shifted to the front leg. The knees must be bent. The feet have to be kept close.

Swinging the Club

During the downswing, the hips have to be rotated. Your body will follow suit. The body rotation, swing arc and weight shift will provide the power. Professional golfers swing their hips rapidly so the hands and arms move fast too.

The club face has to be square on the upswing and downswing. A 100 yard shot usually calls for a full downswing. Close chip shots will need a shorter downswing.

Other Information

On chip shots, coming down on the ball hard helps. This ensures the ball get the proper loft in the right arc.

Because of the need to hit the ball far, loft on contemporary irons are much less compared to those that came out in the 20th century. The 9 irons today have lofts comparable to a 1990s iron.

This has become possible because the weight has been relocated to the clubhead sole. Today, gofers can have customized clubs just to suit their style.

The size of a nine iron makes it very useful in a variety of golf shots. However, some practice is required to get a feel for it.

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