Sizes of Car Tire Chains

To pick the right car tire chain size, you must be aware of the dimensions of your tire. You can check the car manual for more details. If it is a Class S, there is 1.46” minimum from the tire thread-face .59” from the sidewall from the closest obstruction. If that’s the case, buy chains that fit that specification.


These chains are used to improve a car’s traction in icy and snowy conditions. Three types are commonly sold: the link, cable and

The diamond chain is so called due to its metal strands’ diamond pattern. The cable type has several straight metal strips horizontally set on the tire face.

The link chains are a combination of the cable and diamond chains. It has a chain link lattice horizontally running on the tire face. Regardless of the car tire chain sizes used, all can be utilized during emergencies in the winter.


These chains are often utilized in mountainous regions and areas. In places with heavy snowfall, the additional traction will be necessary. Without traction, driving in snow can be hazardous. It can leave a motorist stranded or worse, get in an accident.

There are laws regulating their use. These regulations differ from state to state. But all of them require the chains to be defect free and in working condition.

The closing mechanisms cannot be loose or broken. Using the chains on bare pavement is not allowed. This can damage the road or the chain itself.

In some regions, it is possible (or even required) to use studded snow tires with the chains. There are also link and cable chain systems available. These envelop the tire and are fastened by hooks or straps. These are very useful for driving out of icy patches and getting out of snow banks.

How to Choose the Right Chains

The first step is to determine how often you will be using them. You must also assess the type of road you go on. You must also evaluate the vehicle design and type. A buyer must also look at how the chain is connected to the car. Some of these products are notorious for being difficult to install and remove.

Even if you think you have the right car tire chain size, make sure to have them installed properly. If necessary, get an expert to help you with this procedure. Do not use the vehicle if the chains are not properly installed.

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