Worlds Biggest Army

The world’s biggest army is the Russian Army. It has a total of 21,476,000 troops. 1,027,000 are active, 20,000,000 are reserve and 449,000 are paramilitary.

The Rest of the Top Ten

Number two is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It has a total of 9,495,000 troops. 1,106,000 are active, 8,200,000 are reserve and 189,000 paramilitary. The third largest belongs to the Republic of Korea with 8,691,500. 687,000 of them are on active duty. 8,000,000 are reserve and 4,500 paramilitary.

At number four is Vietnam. It has a total of 5,495,000 troops. 455,000 are active, 5,000,000 are in reserve and 40,000 paramilitary.

India is at number five. Its troops number 4,768,407. 1,325,000are currently active and 2,142,821 are in reserve. 1,300,586 are paramilitary. The People's Republic of China is at the sixth spot. It has a total of 3,455,000 troops, of which 2,285,000 are active. 510,000 are in reserve and 660,000 paramilitary.

Iran is number seven in the world’s biggest army list. It has a total of 2,833,000 troops. 523,000 are active, 1,800,000 reserve and 510,000 paramilitary. The United States is number eight. It has a total of 2,455,837 troops. Of these, 1,580,255 are active, 864,547 reserve and 11,035 paramilitary.

The Republic of China is at number nine. It has 1,964,000 troops. 290,000 are on active duty, 1,657,000 are reserve and 17,000 paramilitary. Brazil is at the number ten spot. The country has 1,667,710 troops, 327,710 of which are active. 1,340,000 are on reserve.

Number 11 to 18

Pakistan is number 11 with 1,434,000. 617,000 are on active duty. 513,000 are reserve and 304,000 paramilitary. Number 12 is Egypt with 1,344,500. It has a total of 468,500 active troops, 479,000 of which are reserve. 397,000 of them are paramilitary. Cuba is number 13. It has 1,234,500 troops. 49,000 are active, 1,159,000 are reserved and 26,500 paramilitary.

Ukraine is 14th with 1,214,825 troops. 129,925 are active, 1,000,000 are on reserve status and 84,900 paramilitary. Turkey is at the fifteenth slot. Of its 1,041,500 troops, 510,600 are active, 428,700 in reserve and 102,200 paramilitary. Indonesia is number sixteen. It has 982,000 troops. 302,000 are active, 400,000 are reserve and 280,000 paramilitary.

Israel is number 17 in the list of the world’s biggest army with 749,550 troops, 176,500 of whom are on active duty. 565,000 are reserve and 8,050 paramilitary. Syria is number 18. It has 747,000 troops. 325,000 are active, 314,000 are in reserve and 108,000 paramilitary.

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