Longest Nails

For a lot of people, making it on the list of Guinness Book of World Records is a dream come true. This is why you will usually find people doing bizarre things just to make it to this list.

From growing the longest hair to the longest nails; to creating the largest and tallest cakes; among many other things, the Guinness Book of World Records holds some of the most-of-this-world feats from all across the globe.

Longest Nails in the World

Take for instance, the world’s longest nails. Gross and bizarre as it may sound, there are quite a few people who attempted to accomplish this feat.

Lee Redmond

Lee Redmond is a woman who hails from Salt Lake City in Utah. Back in 2008, she was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest nails in the world, at over twenty-eight feet in total length – specifically twenty-eight feet and 4.5 inches long.

Her right thumbnail was the longest among all her other nails at two feet and eleven inches. But, a car accident in 2009 has taken her off the list. She wasn’t hurt in the accident but her nails did suffer the damage.

She has been growing her nails since 1979. Surprisingly, she had grown accustomed to her long nails that she didn’t find it hard to do her daily chores around the house.

She did admit however that cutting her nails after the accident, although quite a dramatic event in her life, gave her much more freedom now to move around and made it so much easier to do her daily tasks.

Shridhar Chillal

This gentleman from India used to hold the record for having the longest nails in the world until Lee Redmond came along. But now that she has broken her nails, he might just get the title back.

The total length of his nails is pegged at over twenty feet – twenty feet and 2.25 inches to be exact. Before cutting off his nails in 2000, he hasn’t cut his nails since 1952.

This means that his nails hadn’t been clipped for 48 years! He finally decided to cut his fingernails after his left hand suffered from permanent damage plus the weight of his nails has also rendered his left ear unable to hear permanently.

His longest nail was recorded at over four feet in length. Unlike Lee Redmond who grew her nails to staggering lengths on both hands; Chillal only grew the nails on his left hand.

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