How Big is a Propane Gas Grill?

Propane gas grill sizes can reach 41.6 x 29.5 x 20.3 inches and weigh up to 120 pounds. Some models are smaller, measuring 19 x 49 x 41.5 inches. These weigh around 40 to 45 lbs. Other grills are sold in different sizes.


These grills are popular because they allow you to grill quickly. Compared to charcoal grills, these are easier to set up and less messy. However, one has to be careful with their operation to avoid accidents.

The burners must never be turned on with the grills closed. If you do this, the gas fumes will gather within the chamber. This can form into fireballs and explode.

Indirect and Direct Grilling

Depending on the propane gas grill sizes, direct and indirect grilling may be done. This is possible if the grill has several burners. It also depends on the poultry and meat. Direct grilling means having all the grills lit up and the food set over the fire. Food will be cooked much quicker this way.

Indirect grilling on the other hand, has two burners lit. The food is positioned over the center burner that is not lit. Cooking time is slower but it works great for ribs and barbecues. Direct grilling is best for hotdogs and burgers.

How the Grills Function

First the cover is removed (if there is one). The lid is opened and the propane cylinder valve is turned. This is usually below the grill. Next the burner is set to high. The next step is to press the ignition button.

The other burners are turned on by pressing other controls. After closing the grill and preheating it for five minutes, it should be ready to use.

Leaks and Connections

Sometimes grills can have leaks. To check this, coat the hoses and valves with soapy water. Turn the cylinder valve on. If bubbles appear, there are probably leaks. You need to secure the connections and repeat the test. If the grill does not work after you press the ignition button a couple of times, there are problems with the unit.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Do not let grease fill the cooking grates. These may lead to fires that go beyond the unit. The bigger the propane gas grill sizes are, the more grease can accumulate.

To prevent accidents, keep the grills clean. There are stiff wire brushes designed just for this purpose. Make sure the grills are turned off before you do any cleaning.

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