Biggest Potato

The world’s biggest potato weighs 8 lbs 4oz (3.76 kg). It was cultivated by Peter Glazebrook of Northampton. Glazebrook is also responsible fro growing the world’s longest carrot (17 ft), longest beetroot (21 ft) and biggest parsnip (13 lbs).

General Information

The potato is a consumable starchy tuber. Native to South America, it is now cultivated all over the planet. Research indicates the tuber has been grown as far back as 10,000 years ago. There are currently over a thousand variants in existence. However, only a small part is grown for commercial purposes.

Potatoes have been wisely used in many South American cuisines for centuries. It was during the 1600s that it became part of the European diet and culture. Since that time, many people have tried to grow the world’s biggest potato.


Researchers believe that cultivation of wild potato began in c. 8,000 BCE. The numerous varieties were cultivated by the primitive people. Together with corn, it would become a food staple. The early South American explorers were given a taste of the food. Because of its agreeable taste, they brought sample crops into Europe.

European farmers were at first reluctant to plant the potato. It belongs to the nightshade family. Since some nightshade components are toxic, people were doubtful. Numerous trial fields were conducted first. Since they were all successful, the food was eventually incorporated into the European diet.


Potatoes need to be taken care of properly to grow. Otherwise, they will succumb to fungus and die. These are typically propagated from buds known as eyes. If not harvested and left on the soil, these will form on the potatoes. These also bud at cool dry environments. These can be sliced and the replanted.

Some variants can be grown from seed. Usually, the soil has to rest between potato planting. Full sunlight is recommended. The soil has to be loose and watered often. After they are harvested, these can be kept in cool dark environments for a long time.

Other Facts

The potato is rich in vitamin A and C. These can be cooked in several ways. One of the most popular is to fry them.

It takes a lot of skill to plant the world’s biggest potato. However, cooking it is easy. Aside from French fries, you can also turn them into potato cakes. These may also be baked, boiled, roasted or stewed. They can be eaten plain or dressed up.

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