How big is a Half Sheet Cake?

Do you have a party to host or put together? Are you looking for sweet treat that will delight your audience but will not hurt your pocket as much? Well, the answer is sheet cake. Yes, picking a sheet cake from a nearby supermarket or baking one of your own easily resolves your problem.

A Sheet Cake is a Sweet Cake

A sheet cake is a simple, single-layered, usually frosted cake. Sheet cakes are mostly available in your local grocery store as a convenient sweet treat pick-up whenever a need arises. Depending on your party kind or the number of people you are expecting, you can pick an appropriate sheet cake size.

If you are preparing for a small gathering, the quarter size or an 8”x12” sheet cake might be enough. If you are preparing for a huge affair like a corporate party or even a birthday party, you may want to pick up a full sheet cake, which is sized at about 16”x24”. That can feed about a hundred guests. If your party is anything in between, you may want to go for a half sheet cake.

But wait, how big is a half sheet cake? It should be something between a quarter and a full sheet cake, of course. The standard size for most commercial half sheet cakes is 12”x16”. That could feed about 40 to 50 guests, depending on the serving size and on the number of people who would request for second servings.

Partying with a Half Sheet Cake

A half sheet cake would be enough for a medium-sized party. It will make for a nice treat to your guests, especially since they do not cost that much. Sheet cakes come in a variety of flavors. Although they are only in a single layer, you would easily find a well-decorated sheet cake that could be quickly adapted to fit any occasion. That also means sheet cakes are convenient cakes. They come in handy for impromptu parties. They are also quite useful for party hosts who barely have time to do the baking herself.

For planned parties, you may also order a sheet cake beforehand. That way, you could decide what kind of decoration will go on top of your cake. You may have your cake customized to agree to your desired feel of the party. Of course, you may also do a sheet cake yourself. It is like baking any other cake. You only have to increase the quantity of your ingredients since you are baking a bigger cake.

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