Baby Cardigan Sizes

Baby cardigan sizes vary among manufacturers. While some make cardigans that can fit babies of various sizes, others are more specific. For example, a 20” cardigan is usually the size for 6 to 9 month old babies. For 12 to 18 months, the usual size is 22”. For a 24 month baby, the size is 24”. However, other companies may use different measurements.

Benefits and Advantages

While the sizes of the clothes vary, the basic design is the same so putting them on is very easy. While other clothes can keep a baby warm, they are not as easy to put on and take off. A well designed cardigan furthermore, will keep the baby not just warm but also comfortable.

Another benefit is that baby cardigan sizes can be purchased big and still fit the baby. This means you will be able to use it for a long time. Even if the infant is small, the cardigan can be worn over other clothes. As the baby grows, the cardigan can be worn over less bulky clothing.

In other words, cardigans can save you money. While babies often outgrow their clothes quickly, cardigans can last.

Types and Variants

The variants are as varied as the sizes used by manufacturers. Blues and pinks are still the most popular colors for babies, but others like yellow and white are also available.

These clothes are also available in various patterns and styles. Sometimes these cardigans are made to match shirts and pants. Almost as varied as the baby cardigan sizes are the materials they are made of. The most popular material is cotton, however.

When to Dress Babies in Cardigans

Your baby can don the cardigan anytime or all year. However specific types of cardigans are more preferable during certain seasons. For example, the cashmere cardigan is ideal for the winter season. This will keep the baby warm without making them itch.

The cashmere cardigans can still be worn well into spring and into the beginning of autumn. The cotton cardigans are best for summer owing to their lightness. Aside from being the right size, summer cardigans must also be light. A heavy cardigan will make the baby feel uncomfortable.

Many parents don’t like wool cardigans because babies often itch. If you want to buy wool cardigans, make sure the material is soft and made specifically for babies. There are also other materials you can try, but you need to make sure they are of soft and good quality.

Tips for Buyers

High quality cardigans often come at a price but you really shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to baby products. Fortunately, many high quality cardigans are sold at discounts online.

Make sure you look at different stores so you can assess the prices. You should look in both online and retail stores. Again, the quality and the size must be accounted for.

When choosing baby cardigan sizes, always remember that you can always go for the larger ones. This won’t just make your baby feel comfortable, but it will also save you money.

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