How Big is a 2 Carat Diamond

Depending on what type of jewelry a particular diamond stone is adorning; whether a ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings; diamonds may have the same carat weight but different dimensions based on the cut that is ideal for the jewelry piece.
To give you an idea of the various sizes that a 2-carat diamond may come in, check out the list below of some of the more popular diamond cuts and their corresponding dimensions.
How Big is a 2-Carat Diamond?
Based on their specific cut, a 2-carat diamond may have the following dimensions:
Round Brilliant Cut
A Round Brilliant diamond cut that usually adorns engagement rings and is also used for a necklace pendant has and approximate width of 8.2 millimeters or about 0.3228 inches.
Princess Cut
This cut is more typically used for engagement rings. For this cut, a 2-carat diamond is approximately 7.5 by 7.5 millimeters or about 0.2953 in inches. For a more visual representation, this cut is a square-shaped diamond cut.
Emerald Diamond Cut
This rectangular diamond cut has approximate dimensions of 8.5 by 6.5 millimeters for a 2-carat diamond. Its equivalent measurements in inches are 0.3346 by 0.2559.
Pear Diamond Cut
For 2 carats of this teardrop-shaped diamond cut, measurements are approximately 10 by 6.5 millimeters; or approximately 0.3937 by 0.2559 inches. This shape is more commonly used on pendants and drop earrings.
Oval-Shaped Diamond Cut
This is a round elongated cut and 2 carats of this shape will have approximate measurements of 9.5 by 7.5 millimeters or about 0.3740 by 0.2952 inches. This shape is more commonly used on engagement rings.
Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut
A heart-shaped 2-carat diamond will have approximate dimensions of 8 by 8 millimeters which is equivalent to 0.3150 by 0.3150 in inches. This shape is more popularly used for necklace pendants.
Trillion Diamond Cut
This cut is similar in shape to a Coat of Arms and two carats of this shape is about 8 by 8 millimeters or approximately 0.3150 by 0.3150 in inches. These dimensions are similar to that of the heart-shaped diamond cut.
Marquise Diamond Cut
This eye-shaped diamond cut in 2 carats will have approximate measurements of about 12 by 6 millimeters. Its equivalent in inches is 0.4724 by 0.2362.
Radiant Diamond Cut
This is somewhat similar in shape to the rectangular cut of the Emerald diamond and its dimensions in millimeters are 8.5 by 6.5. In inches, this is about 0.3346 by 0.2559. 
Asscher Diamond Cut
For this diamond cut, two carats of this would be about 7.5 by 7.5 millimeters or approximately 0.2953 by 0.2953 inches. These dimensions are similar to the Princess Cut diamond. 

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