How Small is a Welsh Horse?

Horses play a very important role in society because they serve manyWelsh Horse different purposes including in sports, leisure activities and even in work-related purposes. Aside from horseracing, they are used in foxhunting, rodeos and endurance riding. In terms of work-related activities, people use them for search and rescue operations. Furthermore, they play important roles in therapy, assisted learning as well as entertainment. Amongst the various horse breeds, one of the most interesting is the Welsh horse. For those who want to find out more about this creature, it is good to know the size of a Welsh horse.

The Size of a Welsh Horse

How small is a Welsh horse? The average height of the tallest cobs is more or less 163 centimeters or 64 inches, which is equivalent to 16 hands. For the smallest ponies, the average height is 112 centimeters or 44 inches, which is equivalent to 11 hands.

The Welsh horse is divided into various classes. Section A is referred to as the Welsh Mountain Pony, the size of which must not surpass 127 centimeters or 50 inches (12.2 hands) based on U.S. standards. Meanwhile, the height limit set by the United Kingdom standards is 122 centimeters or 48 inches (12 hands). Section B horses are called the Welsh Pony of Riding Type. The horses under this class must not go beyond the height limit of 137 centimeters or 54 inches (13.2 hands) in the United States, while the United Kingdom limit is set at 147 centimeters or 58 inches (14.2 hands).

Section C is named the Welsh Pony of Cob Type. Horses that fall under this category must not exceed the height of 137 centimeters or 54 inches (13.2 hands). Unlike Section B horses, this one is compact, more cob-like and heavier. On the other hand, Section D is simply referred to as the Welsh Cob. Although there is no upper height limit for this category, the horses must be higher than the limit of 137 centimeters or 54 inches (13.2 hands).

Additional Facts and Other Highly Important Details

This particular breed of horse has numerous uses. Based on history books, people used them before for visiting coalmines and riding through postal routes. Furthermore, these horses were also used to pull heavy guns and other heavy military equipment. The most common colors of the Welsh horse are bay, chestnut as well as black. However, there are also other unique variations including gray, palomino and dun. In terms of character and behavior, this particular type of horse is friendly, spirited and trustworthy.

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