How Small is an Ear Hair Trimmer?

Ear hair trimmer sizes can measure 4 x 2 x 8 inches. Other types will measure 5 x 3 x 6 inches. Besides the different sizes, many of these trimmers can also be used to trim nose hair. If possible, look for one that can trim both nose and ear hair.

How Trimmers Work

These devices are equipped with rotary blades. These are used to remove the hair in the ears or nose. To avoid injury, these are encased in chrome or steel. Majority of the trimmers sold are powered by batteries. These are utilized to power up the motors.

There are also small external combs in front of the device. These further ensure the ear and nose are protected. The combs also help position the hairs to make trimming easier. As the hair is guided into the clipper, the hair is cut.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While the ear hair trimmer sizes differ, maintenance is usually the same. They are washable in water and easy to tidy up.


Many of these trimmers employ a probe-like design. This makes it easy for the trimmer to access the cavity and remove hair. These trimmers are designed only for ear and / or nasal hair.

These are not meant to be used for beard and mustache. The reverse is also true. Ear clippers are pretty easy to utilize. But some like to use a mirror while using it.

The cost varies. The difference lies in the extra features of the device. If you will be using the clipper for nasal hair, look for a model with LED lights. This makes it easier to do trimming. An ergonomic design is recommended.

This ensures you won’t get tired when trimming the hair. Infection from the blades is highly unlikely as they are well designed. But make sure the grooming tool is clean before you use it.

Why is There Hair in the Nose and Ear?

Do not remove all the hairs in the ears and nose. These are necessary to protect them from bacteria. These hairs also keep particles and dirt from getting into the body. Never pluck the hair off; use the trimmer. Always follow the directions before using the grooming device.

The ear hair trimmer size usually does not affect the price. Rather, the cost is influenced by the features and the brand name. Read some reviews before you buy so mistakes can be avoided.

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