Body Measurements

Are you sure you are gaining weight or muscle mass with your health program? Or, if you are trying to lose some pounds, do you think you can easily check if you are sculpting your body in a better way? You may have to check out your body measurements for an easier manner of gauging if you are able to lose or gain weight as you desire.

That’s right. Body measurements should be taken if you’re hoping to track your progress for a dietary program or bodybuilding program that you wish to engage in. It may not be a very complicated task after all if you check out the measurements of your body with the simple aid of using a tape measure.

Here are a few guidelines that you may follow to check out your body measurements and see if you are indeed in a healthy state or not:

One: Check the measurement of your chest or bust.

Chest measurement can be a clear indication of weight gain or weight loss. To measure the girth, you merely have to place the tape measure under your bust. If you would measure your bust, the tape measure should be placed on the nipple line to have an accurate reading. Be sure that you do not pull it too tight.

Two: See the measurement of your hips.

Another manner of checking if you are successfully fulfilling your dreams of a better figure (by weight gain or loss) is to check the hip measurement. At the hips, be sure to hold the tape measure at the largest part of that area.

Three: Take note of how big or small your thighs are.

While you’re checking your measurements, do not forget to include the measurement of your thighs at its biggest part or area.

Four: Checking the measurement of your calves is also imperative.

If you are really serious with following your program towards a better body figure, you may also have to check the measurement of your calves. Not many people actually do this since they find that it is not necessary to know the measurement of your calves. But to truly learn the overall measurement of your body, and to see if you still have to do something else to gain or lose weight, measuring this part of your body is a must.

So, to measure the calves, just place your tape measure at the largest portion to have a correct reading.

Five: Include the measurement of your arms.

To check the girth of your arms, you must remember to measure them in certain areas such as the forearm and the upper arm.

When you check your body measurements in this manner, you will readily see how you are faring with your program.

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