Average Size Of A Model

A model is a professional individual whose occupation is to pose in pictures and videos as well as walk in fashion shows to promote different merchandises. Models can be classified into different categories, namely fashion models, glamour models, fitness models, bikini models, artist’s models and alternative models. In order to become a model, a person should attain the body type and size required by advertising companies. In this article, we will focus on the average size of a model.

Models’ Average Size

The Association of Model Agents requires female models to have the body statistics of 86-61-86 centimeters. In addition, they should have a height of at least 1.73 meters. On the other hand, the chest measurement of male models should be between 81.28 centimeters to 101.60 centimeters. The waistline of males must be around 66.04 to 83.82 centimeters. They should be at least 1.80 meters tall and at most 1.88 meters tall. Model agents require bikini models to have an attractive body shape. They must be at least 1.65 meters tall and at most 1.73 meters tall.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

If you want to pursue a career in modeling, it is best that you pass the height and body shape requirements mentioned above. Search for the right modeling agency. Being associated with the agency is important because the agency will help you find a job. However, to avoid having problems, it is important to be sure that your agency does not have a history of taking advantages of their models.

As soon as you find an agency, you need to get an application form from the agency. Fill up the application form and submit it with your professional photograph. The photograph should be black-and-white. When the agency calls you and asks you to come to the office, it is important that you wear minimal makeup and clothes that can highlight your figure.

Aside from applying in a modeling agency, you can also pursue a career in modeling if you participate in model searches. Another way is to attend modeling conventions. To increase your chances of becoming a model, it is beneficial if you enroll in a modeling school.

If you do not have enough time to visit the top modeling agencies, you can check the Internet and surf their sites. Post your profile and enter information about yourself at their websites. You will receive a call from the agencies if they are interested in hiring you.

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