What‘s the Size of a Popcorn Machine?

A popcorn machine, otherwise known as a popcorn maker, is a type of equipment used in cooking popcorn. There are two types of popcorn machines; one that uses oil to pop the kernels and one that uses hot air to cook the popcorn.

Popcorn machines that use oil are usually those that are commercially used – especially at the movies and fairgrounds.

Commercial popcorn makers come in various dimensions and generally, the size of the machine also determines the amount of popcorn you can cook for each usage.

What‘s the Size of a Popcorn Machine?

Now, if you want to have a commercial popcorn machine at home, it would be a good idea to start your search for the answer to, “What’s the size of a popcorn machine?”


There is a mini popcorn machine that you can consider for your home. For “What’s the size of a popcorn machine?” of this type, this measures approximately six and one-fourth inches in length by seven and one-half inches by in width eleven and one-eight inches in height.

These dimensions allow you to easily place the machine on top of your kitchen counter or table.

Another tabletop machine that you may want to consider is one that has dimensions of about 9.5 inches in length by 11 inches in width by 18.5 inches in height.

Finally, “What’s the size of a popcorn machine?” that will fit onto your kitchen tabletop is also one that generally measures 20 inches in height by 17 inches in width by 14.5 inches in depth.

Popcorn Carts

If you have a bigger space at home and you would like to have one of those old style popcorn machines, there are popcorn carts that are also excellent for home use.

These will definitely come in handy when you are throwing a party, especially a children’s party.

“What’s the size of a popcorn machine?” that comes with its own cart may slightly vary from one to the next, based on the brand and the specifications of the manufacturer as well as the amount of popcorn it can pop at a time.

One size that is small enough to fit into a corner in your kitchen and yet big enough to give you about eight to ten cups of popcorn, comes in measurements equivalent to 14.49 inches in length by 24.8 inches in width by 59.06 inches in height.

You can also find a popcorn cart that measures 52.56 inches in length by 14.49 inches in width by 34.8 inches in height. This size yields about four quarts of popcorn at a time.

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