Silver Bar Size


Silver bars and coins are among the most popular non-perishable commodities today that people are investing in. Silver bars or ingots come in a variety of sizes and these are usually the popular choice for first-time silver buyers.

Silver bar size come in varying troy ounces, from one troy ounce to ten troy ounces up to one thousand troy ounces. Depending on where you will be getting your silver ingots from, there are manufacturers that offer these in at least eight different sizes.

Common Silver Bullion Sizes

You will find that the most common silver bar sizes are one ounce, ten ounces, one hundred ounces and one thousand ounces. Of these, first-time investors usually go with a 10-ounce bar or a 100-ounce bar.

There are sizes also in five and fifty ounces although you may find it a bit difficult to get because these are not standard sizes. 

Stamp of Authenticity

Manufacturers usually include important information on the silver bar such how much the bar weighs, its level of purity and the brand or the manufacturer’s seal of authenticity.

Prior to paying for your silver bar, it is essential that you check all of the above-mentioned information to ensure that you are paying for the real deal. 

Reputable Sellers

If you are a first-time buyer, it is of utmost importance that you buy only from reputable sellers or manufacturers. It would help to ask around for recommendations on manufacturers or suppliers whose good reputation precedes them.

You may also do a bit of research on your own for well-known sellers and manufacturers of silver bars who sell only pure silver bars. You should know that there are manufacturers who mix silver with other components and then pass this off as pure silver.

Check that the grade of silver is 99.99%. 

On the other hand, if you are buying your silver bar from an investor, also make sure that the seller is trustworthy otherwise; you may be better off going directly to the manufacturers.

If you are buying your silver from an online source, this may be a bit trickier since you will not be able to physically check the silver until after you have paid for it and it has been delivered to you.

Always check the contract and the papers that come with your silver bar prior to buying it to ensure that there are no hidden stipulations in the fine print.

First-time buyers are usually not advised to get their first silver bars online unless you are going with a manufacturer that comes highly recommended by a trusted source.

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