Square Miles of United States

The square miles of United States is 3,794,101 sq mi. This is equivalent to 9,826,675 km2. In terms of size comparison, it is slightly larger than the People’s Republic of China. 
Population Figures 
The 2010 estimated population is 310,931,000. The 2000 census shows a population of 281,421,906. The density is 32/km2 (178th). The most populated city is New York City with 19,006,798 inhabitants. 
Other heavily populated cities include Los Angeles 12,872,808, Chicago 9,569,624, Dallas 6,300,006, Philadelphia 5,838,471, Miami 5,514,772 Atlanta 5,376,285, Washington, D.C. 5,358,130 and Boston 4,522,858.
Race and Ethnicity 
Whites make up 79.8% of the population, followed by blacks at 12.8%. Asians make up 4.5% and American Indian and Alaska Native 1%. 0.2% of the population are Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiian. Hispanics any race) make up 15%. Two or more races make up 1.7%. 
The square miles of United States have led to a diverse population that speaks different languages. English is spoken by more than 225.5 million people. The second most widely spoken is Spanish at 34.5 million. At number three is Chinese with 2.5 million. Fourth is French with Creole (2.0 million). 
Geographical Information
24.7% of the land is forested. The bordering countries are Mexico 3,141 km and Canada 8,893 km. America’s geographical coordinates are 38 00 N, 97 00 W. 18% of the land is arable. The country has numerous natural resources including iron, gold, bauxite, uranium, phosphates, molybdenum, lead, copper and coal. 
The weather in America varies. It is cold in Alaska but tropical in Florida. It is arid in the plains west of the Mississippi River and the southwest Great Basin. While these weather conditions are still applicable, climate changes have been altering weather patterns in the US as well as other countries around the world. 
A 2007 shows that 78.4% of adult Americans affiliate themselves with Christianity. This figure is lower than the 86.4% in 1990. 51.3% of Christians belong to a Protestant denomination. The largest Christian denomination is Roman Catholicism at 23.9%. 
Other non-Christian religions with followings in the US are Judaism (1.7%), Unitarian Universalism (0.3%), Hinduism (0.4%), Islam (0.6%) and Buddhism (0.7%). A 1990 revealed that 16.1% of Americans say they are atheists, agnostics or do not belong to any religion. 
The square miles of United States make it half of Russia’s size. It is however, bigger than Brazil, the largest country in South America. It is more than two and a half times larger than the entire European Union. 

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